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By the Numbers.

Success isn’t defined by where you live; it’s defined by how you live.

Success isn’t defined by its trappings but rather by its freedoms.

Success has relocated to a new town.
Success lives here.

Las Vegas, NV

Set against the stunning Red Rock National Conservation Area along the western rim of Las Vegas, it’s the difference between living and feeling more alive.

  • 150+ miles of trails
  • MPC of the Year, 2020 NAHB
  • 25 community parks
  • 16 public schools
  • 10 nationally-recognized private schools
  • 5th Best Business Tax Climate (NV)
  • #4 in the U.S. for the least traffic congestion and quality infrastructure (source WalletHub)
  • #3 Top Selling MPC in the Country, 2020 RCLCO

North Houston, TX

Tap into innovation, space exploration, and world-class health care; it’s the ideal setting for executives and families to live a life of health, wellness, and success.

  • 11.9M sq. ft. of office space, from spec suites to build-to-suits
  • 119,000 residents, 2,200 employers, and a highly educated workforce
  • 7,665 acres of open/green space
  • 220 miles of connected hike and bike trails
  • 151 parks
  • Thirteen Fortune 500 companies with a significant presence

Cypress, TX

Unique amenities open a world for you to pursue passions, discover activities, connect you with your neighbors, or teach you something new.

  • 11,400 acres
  • 6,000 sq. ft. activity center
  • 3,000 acres of open/green space
  • 900 acres of lakes
  • 400 acres of parks
  • 250 miles of trails
  • Dozens of community groups
  • Leading schools
  • #1 Top-Selling Community in the State of Texas

Downtown Columbia, MD

Uniquely connected to industry and commerce in Washington, D.C., and home to creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs who crave a more stimulating, flexible, and energized environment, it’s where changing the world is accelerated by recharging your life.

  • 4.3M sq. ft. of new office space
  • 35+ incubators and research parks (Maryland)
  • #10 most digital counties in the U.S.
  • 3rd in percentage of professional tech workers
  • #1 place to live in 2016 (Money Magazine)
  • # 1 concentration of STEM professionals
  • # 1 in the rate of employed PhDs and engineers
  • # 1 in computer & research scientists in the nation
  • Ranked top 5% for job growth

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