Up from #19 last year, the momentum continues building

Startup Genome and the Global Entrepreneurship Network released a report with Houston ranking fifth among the world’s top 100 emerging ecosystems for startups. Some may be surprised to see Houston ahead of Austin (#25), but the tremendous investment in health and IT from VCs really shaped the landscape. With $620 million in early-stage startup funding and $2.3 billion total in 2021, Houston is thriving.

“The importance and dispersal of tech startups have amplified the influence — for both good and ill — of geopolitics,” the report notes. “Where once the sector was sufficiently small to avoid the kind of pressures experienced by large industries such as energy and travel, those garage-spawned entrepreneurs have grown into a major economic force. Keeping their heads down is no longer an option.”

Click over to innovationmap to read the full article. https://houston.innovationmap.com/houston-startup-genome-global-entrepreneurship-network-2022-2657525781.html

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